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Take sound clarity to a whole new level. During a flight, or in the bustling streets, with Milan ANC you can enjoy your music and phone calls undisturbed by surrounding noises.

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Brusreducerande (ANC)
In Ear
iOS & Android
Play/Pause Button
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Bluetooth: 4.1
Högtalarstorlek: φ10mm
Känslighet: 99±3dB
Impedans: 16Ω±15%
Frekvensområde: 20Hz-20kHz +1/-3dB
Handsfree med mikrofon och volymkontroll
Standbytid: 700 timmar
Speltid: 15 timmar (ANC avstängd, BT på) 7 timmar (ANC på, BT på)
Laddning: Micro USB, runt 2,5 timmar laddtid
Kpmatibel med Android, iOS och Windows
Vikt: 34 g
Vikt inklusive förpackning: 240 g
Förpackningsstorlek: 160x42x193mm
Laddningscase storlek 69x30x29,5mm


The neckband is in a fashionable shape and the earpieces are perfectly shaped for an ergonomic fit. The remote on the neckband allows you to adjust the volume, pause and play your tunes or skip between tracks. Milan is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. The in-earbuds give you a supremely comfortable fit.