Short visual narratives about how sound shapes the world around us.


With the power of light, inspiration is endless. Discover the relationship between light and sound, and let your imagination luminate the moment. EXPLORE

Urbanista Stories: Simplicity

Uncovering a brighter, less complicated future calls for simplicity. Minimize everything that holds you back, find pleasure in everyday routines, and treat yourself to everyday luxuries that you’ve been missing. EXPLORE

Urbanista stories: Inspiration

A building, a reflection, sunlight on the sidewalk – sound enhances the way we experience our surroundings. It amplifies a world of inspiration that exists within the city. Explore the symbiotic relationship between sound and inspiration. EXPLORE

Urbanista stories: Determination

Determination means dedication, even on the days when it feels impossible. Find out how sound fuels determination, and how you can use it to harness your focus. EXPLORE

Urbanista stories: Tranquility

Serenity is all around. It's in the buzz of the city and in the quiet of nature. All you have to do is look for it. Discover how you can use sound to seek out tranquility, whatever it means to you. EXPLORE